Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your Book is an Opportunity

Writing a book means more than words on paper and a cover to hold it together. One of the biggest mistakes I see writers and business people make is not understanding the most important point: a best-seller would be incredible but the book is really an opportunity to expand and do more. Books of any kind (fiction or nonfiction) will attract new opportunities. A book written though to support your business is the biggest opportunity of all. Books give authors credibility and position them as experts. Experts get called upon to speak or be featured in the media. Exposure and increased visibility as an expert attracts overall interest in either you as an author and your book or your business. More interest in your business and book spells out opportunities. The opportunity could be an invitation to speak somewhere else and sell more books. The opportunity could be to attract more customers or clients to your business. Either way if you realize your book opens doors to other things, which generates opportunities and yes revenue, too, you will be thrilled with your book no matter what it does in terms of individual sales.

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