Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"But I don't want to work 9 to 5."

I had this conversation with a fellow writer. We were discussing our lifestyle and aspirations. The comment was made that it's not very inspiring when your only excitement in life is TGIF. People live their lives, work, and feel happy it's Friday. It's a grind. One time when I was just starting out and had graduated from my BA I whined at my then-boyfriend, "But I don't want to work 9 to 5." I remember he burst out laughing, but it was true. I didn't want the only excitement in my life to be TGIF. I didn't want to work 40 hours or more a week for the "man" or "woman" and I really wanted to find a nice log cabin somewhere and write my stories. What I was expressing though was a desire to live a full, rich and exciting life where I followed my passion.

How many of you can say you are living "the dream"? Have you settled into a life of TGIF? Does this really excite you the most? I don't work by anybody's rules anymore. I do work hard, and I love what I do, but I don't work for anyone but myself. Am I "lucky" to do this dream? It has nothing to do with "luck" but more with taking risks and be willingly to make my own rules. The sheer tenacity, risk-taking and not-always-fun moments are worth every centimeter of this journey to live my life my way. Why aren't you? Is it fear? Is it lack of motivation? Is it just unclear to you how to do it?

In my first book Second Bloom that won several awards, we teach you how to reinvent your life. Do you know how? Do you want to know how? If all you can say about your week that makes you happy is TGIF, buy a copy (click here) and get going to a new life. One that means you are "doing the dream" and not "dreaming the dream".

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