Friday, October 3, 2014

How to Increase Your Blog's Audience

Do you blog? Have you ever tried to match up your blog topics to audience response (which is what you absolutely should be doing)? I'm always looking for ways to increase readership. So I regularly read my readership statistics. Here is what I've found.

Keywords do count but finding the keyword of the day is challenging. Keyword interest fluctuates like weather changes. You honestly cannot gauge it. One day this keyword works the next day it no longer works. My advice, keep playing around with different "popular" keywords and mix it up.

The popular posts' real value. The only popular posts that consistently rank up in my blog seems to have "sex-related" themes. Now if I were writing an erotic blog this might be great. Why is that the reason? Because I heard this statistic: 70 percent of online traffic is seeking sexually-related content. Problem here is I am an author and publisher not a sex proprietor.

The idea is to attract the right traffic. The sex traffic probably isn't the right traffic although I would think every now and again, a sex-related reader might also be an author who is suddenly pulled into reading about 3L Publishing. BUT I want to target my messages to my right audience, and the daily question is, how do I do it?

Target your message: the formula. I really don't have an answer for you. Just keep writing blogs until a theme catches. It may take a very long time with the many competitors who seek the same readers. Hanging in there. Keep blogging, and when something catches, focus on it more.

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