Thursday, October 2, 2014

Silly Thoughts about Postage

Today's humorous pondering relates to postage stamps and more specifically the NEW famous chefs stamps. Since I've been doing operations on my own I am paying attention to postage. The Post Office folks know me now, and so that opens the door to some banter. So the nice fellow asks, "Do I need stamps?" On this day, I did indeed need some. He whips out this sheet of stamps with the faces of famous chefs (Julia Childs was the only one I recognized). He shares about the sheet and the chefs (doesn't know one of them), and I found my funny mind thinking random thoughts. It occurred to me that for the outrageous price of postage I could afford NOT to have famous faces on my stamps and maybe nothing at all. In fact, I mused I would be willing to pay .10 cents less for a white stamp that simply reads: GENERIC STAMP. Yes, love that one. Oh, come on stamp collectors, you'll pay more for famous faces. On the other hand, I want the .10 cent discount for the generic stamp. Here's is my random thought, "I'll never see that famous chef face ever again." Here's how I will go one better: I'm certain every single one of my famous faces will end up in a recycle bin. Just saying, I could totally save money! Are you listening postal service? GENERIC STAMPS DISCOUNT! Just saying!

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