Monday, October 6, 2014

Business Mantra: Build it and They Will Come

Businesses go through fits and starts. As growth occurs so do hiccups. Trial and error equals results. Sometimes you have to keep trying new things to manage business growth without inadvertently upsetting current business. Sometimes, though, upsetting current business cannot be helped. When transitions and changes in business happen, the best approach is to re-pour the foundation and then let the cement dry.

We recently went through some growing pains. What I did was get out ahead of the issues. When you get out ahead you are doing "preventative" maintenance. What does this translate to? Let me illustrate. We were having fulfillment issues. Once the problem was identified (orders not going out the way they should), I didn't wait for complaints. I identified the problem. I found a solution. Now here comes the foundation-pouring approach.

Rather than try and patch the problem, I came up with an entire overall solution. I moved my inventory and storage closer to my main business. I doubled my storage space (preparing for growth) since the old space had been outgrown. While in the long run I would spend a little more in the short run I actually saved money while I braced for incoming work and more storage requirements. Now I have a fully functional space (foundation) that is available to accommodate future growth.

When we act and prepare we are doing some great "mental" things, too. We're mentally making "head space" to invite the actual business growth we're preparing for. When you KNOW you have the room, time and ability for the growth, you then project that confidence to the world, and the world responds in-kind. It is truly the proverbial Field of Dreams mantra: Build it and they will come.

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