Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Hardest Challenge with the Most Rewards

In any busy business owner's schedule, the biggest challenge is to keep growing business and prospecting for new business. Many prospective clients (if you've built your brand) will query you, but the goal is to keep moving and building the relationship. When you've got limited resources, the goal becomes even more challenging. But the downside is many businesspeople often leave money inadvertently on the table by not nurturing and following up with those prospects.

As is the case with any challenge, the key is to create structured routines. Set aside X amount of time to do this and do that. Now when you're not being proactive vs. reactive it can be difficult. When constant attention-needing fires get set, learn new skills and techniques to manage those blazes. One thing to do is adopt the policy: your fire is not my fire. This means you receive the message from a client and then process the information and come from it from a prospective: is this good for MY business. However, you respond protect your bottom line. People will want things and ask for things, but also asking yourself that question should be the primary go-to thought. Then answer the question within 24 hours and not right then and there.

When you can manage urgency vs. proactive needs you can carve out time like following up better. Also, I have learned don't answer the phone or email when I'm doing my prospecting time or marketing. Just get my focus done and then serve the rest of the business. Stopping and starting eats away time, too. Plan, organize, and create routines that serve your time and business best.

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