Monday, July 7, 2014

True Blood, Final Season, Episode 3: Fire in the Hole

Where are we going with this? Is the idea to kill off every character before the final episode? I'm beginning to think so. (Spoiler Alert) The demise of Alcide was anti-climatic and downright boring. Alcide, our beloved burly werewolf, finally met his end with a few quick gunshots and then bam! Dead! Well, except for one brief moment of Sookie having learned her lesson about sanctioning the creation of new vampires. The very first episode saw the demise of long-time character Tara who went through so much only to end up dead after all. Other long-time characters are biting it, too.

What did we learn in this episode? Alcide loved Sookie more -- and that made her feel bad. Okay ... Sam had a gay vampire escort who got immediately shot down (we didn't have any investment anyway) so all right. Eric has Hep V and was ready (a la Godric) to just go on his 1,000-year-old way. Note: How many times do we have to see the retread scene of Pam begging Eric not to die? She loves him! Blah, blah, blah ... seriously writers you can't find any fresh material? Really? Then we find out about some love story with some French girl named Sylvie we don't care about who died because of Eric. He cites Sylvie on his list of demons and loves. Another non-emotional investment for the audience. What do we care about some miscellaneous lover we've never been introduced to named Sylvie? Nothing!

This episode was loaded with a lot of "who-cares" characters. When Ms. Thortonberry died we had a greater emotional investment in her than we did any of the others (not that she was particularly likeable). Come on True Blood! The final season is dying a slow, confusing and not-very-well-written true death and dragging us along with it.

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