Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Author and Fantastic Speaker

Already impressed by Josh Mathe's new book In the Footsteps of Greatness, I sat down to my own writers' group (Writers Who Mean Business) last night to listen to his presentation on the subject. Kudos to Josh for a dramatic home run. As his publisher and publicist I want to point to why Josh's presentation was well done.

Organized and thoughtful. He had created a PowerPoint he kept on his iPad so as he went through the slides he had it there to prompt him, but he didn't rely on it per se. He referenced it.

Targeted and on message. He knew what he was talking about and (more importantly) WHO he was talking to. He was discussing "how he wrote his memoir" to give other writers fresh perspective and ideas.

Natural and easygoing. He was "authentic" (as he described it) and relaxed. He wasn't try to sell anyone on his book. He was naturally and effortlessly leading the audience along through his message. In other words, Josh acted like ... Josh.

Interactive and accessible. Josh engaged his audience. He was fluid and open to accepting questions during his presentation. He talked and interacted easily with his audience. He was engaging and open.

Now all of this seems like it's easy. But as we all know public speaking makes some people nervous. My insider tip: don't care so much. I don't mean be cavalier and sloppy. I mean don't make your presentation anything more or less than it is -- a presentation. I tell people that tip all of the time, but often they are nonplussed. They can't put themselves in that space. They are self-conscious. But the best most well-received presentations are those done in a way like Josh did it. Josh enabled connection, understanding and receptivity to this message.

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