Thursday, July 17, 2014

For the sake of argument...

People don't amaze me anymore. I've seen enough in the world not be amazed. I should maybe be pleasantly surprised and delighted, but amazed and in a stupor -- sometimes. Social media is often one of the biggest culprits of said amazement. I love social media. I've met so many people I might not have otherwise met. I've stayed connected to some people I have met and got to know better and thoroughly enjoy. I've enjoy the community support, and it gives me a place to "hang" out much like the water cooler only in a more productive way (via marketing).

At the same time, I've connected with people who are a whole other breed of "folks" -- and sometimes they are odd ducks with different stripes of color I don't get. I'm an old fashioned girl. I am polite, well-mannered, and as my fiancé aptly puts it, "have social skills". I care about people. I try to help them. What I don't understand is the raw nature of social media where hiding behind a computer some people who either a. didn't have manners to begin with or b. feel liberated to do or say anything they please or actually do do or say anything they please.

Here is today's social media case study in why it's important to keep your "day manners". I am on social media to network. I now get roughly 75% of all new business leads and referrals through social media. If you look at my current client list, you would find that roughly 50% of new clients are social media referrals. The other percentage of business comes from past networking and speaking events, referrals and word of mouth. As a result, I take social media very seriously. If you're reading this blog, you should heed my words. Proper management of social media can lead to a terrific revenue stream for your business.

I am not on social media to meet men. I am not on social media to waste time. I am not on social media for idle, unproductive chitchat designed to flirt with me. The absolute worst offense and mistake (especially for a male business owner) you can make is to completely disregard and actually argue with me when I politely inform you to keep your discussions and discourse with me on my Wall. Asking me the reasons why I prefer to converse socially on my wall and then asking me it several times over and over when I specifically told you I want it on the wall only spells trouble. You've now wasted my precious time on a silly session of what I call three-year-old questions, "Why? Why? Why?" All parents out there are nodding. Sometimes at the end of the fourth why, you say, "Because Mommy said so..." LOL

Why (laugh) does this matter? Because serious social media users who "offend" through ridiculous tactics like the one described above end up "de-friended" as fast as they were "friended". Busy business people don't have time to spend arguing over something as ridiculous as my reason to keep conversations on my Wall.

But since you've asked "why" ... I will tell you the answer ... I am getting married in two weeks. I love my man very much. We're very tight with each other. I don't feel it's appropriate to have private messaging sessions with men. I have no reason to have "private" messaging conversations with men. Unless it's business I don't want to hear from you. So when I ask you to keep it out in the open and on my wall, it's because in my opinion it's appropriate business and it's respectful to my husband-to-be. Kirk would never scrutinize my messaging, but that's not the point -- he shouldn't have to scrutinize a thing. I know I would not appreciate it if he were messaging a woman privately. I would wonder "why" (LOL). It's a do-unto-others world -- if I don't want it done to me I should not do it to others.

Now ... I should not have to explain or answer that questions (I just did anyway). And when I gently say "keep it on my wall" an argument should not ensue. I am not obligated to explain my reasons. And if you can't respect my reasons, then expect the "de-friend" button hitting.

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