Thursday, July 3, 2014

Things I love or don't like ...

As is the case in life, we have things we like and we don't like ... I have a very balanced list designed to either make you nod or write me a protest letter. Here it goes ...

Arrogance + Ignorance = :(--I don't like arrogance not in the least. Arrogant people think they know everything, and it almost seems they don't know anything. Arrogant people try to tell me things that my educated mind refutes, but also they stand on it like it's a solid platform. I especially dislike arrogant people whose opinion about something like my profession that I do know backward and forward turns into absolute truth (for them) and they seem to know so much they will take it upon themselves to argue and argue and argue. Well, truth is ... I won't engage so that's a waste of time anyway.

Humble, Open Willing--I DO like humble people. Humility goes a long way toward success and an open willingness to learn and understand that by God's grace, "No, you don't know everything." You show me someone who actually knows everything with no space to grow and learn, and we'll just call them divine. Humility produces greatness. It produces an open, eager mind. Humble is way more attractive, interesting and easy to be around.

Boundless, Positive Energy--have you ever been around someone who always smiles, greets you with enthusiasm, and acts so positive you just want to literally drink them in? I love positivity. I love people who see the glass as not only half-full but also pass me another half-full glass (notice I didn't say overflowing). These people have a kind word for everyone, and they see only the best in those around them. Positive, radiant people glow with enthusiasm, and they're so much easier to be around. They don't complain about or put others down. Positive people are refreshing!

I don't like clichés and platitudes--pats on the back and pedestrian words of the commonly used phrase drives me up the wall (LOL ... get it). Flat as a board, sweet as honey, swift as the wind, beauty is skin deep, blah, blah, blah! New or fresh phrases instead of retread trite! Stand up boys and girls and sing it, "Please don't use clichés they are not manta rays" LOL ... well, okay at least it's fresh -- maybe doesn't make sense though. My rule on the use of the overused: twist it up, make it yours, and more importantly make it interesting. Flat as the cement floor in flat-land, sweet as the cupcake in the sweet shop, swift as the tornado that roared through Kansas, beauty is in the eye ... (no wait LOL) ... beauty is how you define it or see it.

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