Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Of Fame and Promotion

Once in a while I open the door to my world and tell people about my adventures. Since I'm private overall, I don't really talk too much about where I've been, what I've done. Life is to be lived first and foremost. I don't get caught up in pretense. I recently got asked by a client, "Have you ever represented anyone famous?" I was startled by the question, because fame in many cases is of no consequence to me. I have always focused on the work.

Celebrities are people -- nothing more nothing less. If you've worked around celebrity you'll truly become even less impressed. I remember going to the ladies room when I was working on a project on the Paramount lot and Ellen Barkin came in to use the facility. I just remember pretty much glancing at her and not thinking too much about it. Later I kind of chuckled and thought, "Everyone has the same business to do." LOL I was there to work. So Ellen Barkin wandering into the bathroom was the least of my concerns.

Have I represented anyone famous? Yes, and I'm not going to name-drop. Even representing those with fame, the truth is that unless the media is interested it's a wash. I also learned that having a big name at a book launch is more distraction than enhancement for the sale of the product (in this case book). We had Sharon Stone at a book launch once, and you know what happened? The paps showed up, yes! Did it help actual book sales? No! Why? Because everyone was more interested in Sharon Stone as a figure than reviewing the book. I also had numerous celebrity endorsements of my book California Girl Chronicles. Did it help sales? Not that I ever noticed.

So what's the lesson here? Celebrity ... who cares. Keep your promotion focused on the product and the buying public. Can a celebrity endorsement hurt? No, but I wouldn't spend too much time or effort going after it either. If you have a great, fascinating, useful, clever or just riveting product, keep the attention where it belongs. If people are too busy checking out Sharon Stone's dress, they're not buying your book.

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