Monday, July 14, 2014

True Blood, Episode 4: Death is the Not the End

Well! Finally something to get excited about -- Eric and Sookie reunited in the Season 7. I bet over at MyFutureLover on YouTube the videographer had a party LOL. She finally had a reason to "Ship Sookie and Eric" after like three seasons. Let's face it boys and girls, vampire fans ... Eric and Sookie as played by the wonderful Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin have all the chemistry. The tenderness and connection between these two was evident. You don't feel the same sparks when Sookie and Bill are together -- sorry you just don't feel it. I don't care if they're married in real life. They don't ignite the screen the way Eric and Sookie do. It was the first time in many episodes you were able to see the real love beneath the surface as they had thrown these two characters in separate directions for quite some time. Now we have Eric on the verge of death with Hep V, and with the season winding to a close, I'm not thinking anything wonderful will happen here since it's True Blood and famous for killing off the cast.

The other sweet scene came when Arleen, near death, saw her beloved Terry. Sookie could see it, too. It was something the love and sweetness, and Terry was just smiling so brightly at his Arleen. It melted hearts and reminded you those two also had wonderful chemistry on the show. Jessica's guilt trip was a bit banal and melodramatic, and we could have with less time spent "convincing" her to eat. And Alcide's death was sudden and anti-climatic for such a major character. The whole love story with Sookie was about as "hot" as lukewarm soup. But you have to love Pam having stolen Ginger's idea to create Fangtasia -- that was funny and priceless. And then Ginger in frumpy clothes and then later with blue stripes in her somewhat blond hair -- very funny and apt. You have to love scream-queen Ginger.

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