Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why do a book launch?

We just launched Fates Thread: A Memory of Jesus at the Metropolitan Club in San Francisco (check out that dining room). Why should ALL authors do a book launch? Here are the top reasons:

Enjoy the support of friends and family who are proud of you. Early sales from friends and family give your book that quick cash infusion. Of course your friends and family want to support your endeavor, so it's a great way to push the book forward and get readers.

Spread the word. You can promote the book launch to the regional media in the area. You may be fortunate and get some early coverage.

Promote reviews posted on Good Reads for those who buy the book early. Get those who purchase copies at the event to post reviews on Good Reads to get wider promotion. This early exposure to readers could propel the book forward to go viral.

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  1. Thanks Michelle for all your help and support at the launch. I could not have done it without you and the 3L team! Judi Iglehart.