Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maybe I Should Write About Knitting LOL :)

I'll never forger this: I was at a networking function and this woman was discussing her blog. She said she had 5,000 page views a month (heck I struggle to get 2,000). She was an average business person. Here is what surprised me: her blog was about knitting. Realizing that I my blog was well under her page views, I suddenly had blog-envy. How does a blog about knitting get 5,000 page views per month? I randomly ask myself that question all of the time. Actually the question I really ask is: how do I increase my blog readership? Hmm ...
  • My blog is about publishing, business and marketing (and I occasionally sprinkle in humor) -- check.
  • I write about broad interest and general topics, too -- check.
  • I include pictures when I have them to post -- check.
  • I think over my "labels" very carefully -- check.
  • I "think" my writing is good LOL (insecure writer syndrome) -- check.
So, what's the deal? How can I increase my blog readership? Why does knitting get 5,000 page views. Maybe I should have asked her if that was "all-time" views. Are knitters a rabid audience? Maybe knitters don't have enough source material, and they have to use her blog.

You realize I've just posed the marketing questions of the blog world, right? What are your takeaways? That like book audiences you really never know what is going to strike an audience to go crazy over your material. Some people just seem to put their fingers on the pulse of society and tastes at just the right moment -- timing, luck and intuition. The last two things are a little tricky. BUT the major key to that statement: if you don't market or promote at all you won't have an audience, period. So the real truth: try, try, and try again. Something should eventually stick. If you don't try you get what you get -- nothing.

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