Friday, March 7, 2014

Just do it!

Are you a procrastinator? I can be at different times. Do you realize procrastinating is harder to do than actually doing what you need to do? So many do's in that sentence ... DO is the operative word, friend. Expending time and energy "avoiding" something is harder than just doing it. Now for some creative people that so-called procrastination time often isn't at all. I know when I have a project brewing in my head it's because I'm thinking about plot lines and subplots. The time spent meditatively thinking is actual work. Some meditative thought time is work. Sometimes people don't realize that being up in one's head is a part of the process, too. BUT that is the exception. If you are a procrastinator who lets everything get in the way of the task at-hand my best advice: quit avoiding it and just do it! If it's something you didn't want to do, think of this way: the sooner you do it the sooner you get to do something else you want to do. And that my friends is my sage wisdom for a Friday morning!

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