Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday 3L Publishing! We're Officially 8-Years-Old!

Eight years ago on my 40th birthday (my birthday was yesterday), I had quit my corporate executive position. After spending my final year in corporate working for the absolute boss-from-hell who was literally crazy and used to send me a hundred emails overnight during her insomnia hours, I quit the rat race. I had come unglued in the nightmare of the 9-to-5 and working for people who either didn't appreciate me or treated me like a personal slave put on earth to make them money. I was quite literally mentally exhausted and ready for my "next" in life. So on my 40th birthday I started my own business -- and here I am still thriving!

I never imagined I would own a publishing company ( I had been in this business since I graduated from college. I am passionate to this day about every single book we produce. I love what I do. I thank the passion gods for leading me in this direction. Yes, I've had a few tough times, but the key is I survived through it all.

The highlights of the last eight years...

1. My book Second Bloom winning several awards (it was my first book, too).
2. Our first children's picture book turning out absolutely stunning (Manuel's Murals).
3. Meeting and developing an incredible, close bond and deep friendship with fellow author Scott D. Roberts who I then encouraged and supported as he wrote his first novel, Vengeance is Now ( that turned into the critic's darling. 
4. Writing my first fiction book California Girl Chronicles and just having fun with the character of Brea.
5. Traveling all over the United States and promoting books at various book festivals.
6. Meeting some incredible and talented people at the various book launch parties in many different cities.
7. Going to New York City for the Book Expo of America and seeing the fantastic city and eating some of the world's best food.
8. Sitting with Scott D. Roberts and laughing about some of the ridiculous stuff at the RT Book Lovers Convention in 2013.
9. Every single time a book comes off press looking at the results of all the hard work.
10. Living my life my way every single day!

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