Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keep Your Mindset Positive

I am being tested, and I decided to take the challenge. Mindset and belief in one's self are important. Keep a positive mindset every day. Believe in your own ability to be responsible for your life. Be a beacon of positivity to attract everything you need for your highest good. I have several mantras I use when I meditate to help point my life in a positive direction.

I make a lot of money easily and frequently and I am grateful for everything I have.

I am attracting everything I need now, and I am grateful for my abundant life.

The flow of life brings me everything I need to achieve success.

Today I surrender to the Universe and trust it to bring me whatever will serve my highest good.

And I wrote these for the blog to share with you. For everything that happens you can see a reaction as either positive or negative. I choose to see it all as positive. My life is opening to serving my highest good. Today I surrender and believe all that is amazing, wonderful and positive come to me, and joy and happiness is mine. It's our birthrights! Believe in the power within. Trust the process. All will be given, shown and shared.

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