Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is it about a yellow highlighter pen vs. red pen?

My mind is always active, and I have these stray thoughts. Today's meandering question: Why can my eye catch on the yellow highlighter pen mark-ups on my calendar while the red pen (meaning urgent) never works. I have found this odd, little truth. If I don't highlight an item, I swear it gets missed. One would suppose a "red" pen would catch my attention. Doesn't red mean stop? But alas red doesn't seem to mean anything. BUT if I highlight the red pen, it works marvelously. If I have appointments on my calendar and I highlight the red ink, never fails! My eye will see it. If I want to guarantee that I NEVER see the appointment or the due date, well, don't use the highlighter. When I was in college, key points in my textbooks I wanted to remember, I highlighted. (BTW, I always took tons of notes in class. Why? Because it kept my mind busy and I wasn't bored. Anyone can relate?)

I have the busiest mind around. My guy (not sure if we're officially boyfriend/girlfriend yet ... I'm still nursing wounds from a recent break-up) points out all the time that he can't keep up with my over-active brain. He is also utterly amazed at my memory. Since he's a repeat storyteller (which drives me nuts), and I remember everything he has ever said, he gets flustered when I tell him, "I know that already." He acknowledged the other day, "You have a mind like a steel trap." It's true! That "mind" he is so awed over allows me to do instant recall when editing. I can remember usage "collisions," meaning the author used one style one way and 20 pages later used it another way. Ah, now you see the benefits of the "steel-trap memory".

And back to ... the highlighter pen! Are you scratching your head yet and wondering, "What exactly is this blog about?"

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