Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Four Things I've Learned About Successful Business

As a business owner (I'm CEO of 3L Publishing,, we all want to succeed. No one does anything unless, of course they're a little nutty to fail. We all want to succeed and flourish. In my road to entrepreneurship, I've learned a lot. I've had many ups and downs. I've made a lot of money. I've made less money. And I need to make more money. If you're thinking of starting a business or you're wondering how you could improve business, here are three critical things I've learned about succeeding in business.

Tip #1: Surround yourself with people who are more talented than you are. What? Yes, if you want to look even better, make sure your team are truly talented. Those who are smarter, more talented, and skilled will shine a better light on you, and they will help you succeed. It's foolish to surround yourself with people with less talent out of insecurity or any other emotional neurosis surrounding your ego. Having an incredible team of talent enables your business to shine in its best light. Talented people can inspire you. They have great ideas. Your only job is to facilitate and support those talents.

Tip #2: When the bills pile up never direct your attention at paying them; redirect your attention to making money. When you get bogged down in stress about paying bills, your bandwidth isn't available to redirect toward more important issues and making money. Leave your manager to pay your bills. You go out and market, network and attract business -- that is your role.

Tip #3: Outflow gets inflow. I learned this on another job where I was publisher on a magazine. The more you outflow (market and promote), the more you inflow (business opportunities). It is a true cause and effect. Sitting idly at your desk and fretting over no phone calls and no email opportunities will get you nothing but more fretting and worrying. When things slow down, market (outflow) and then the business will (inflow). And here is an important rule. It won't always be from the direct outflow. It's like stirring up energy in general. But notice (and this is key) if you don't outflow at all nothing will come to you either directly or indirectly.

Tip #4: Positivity and an overall upbeat mindset affects everything. Even when life gets tough; your lover breaks up with you; your bank account runs low; and your absolutely feeling as low as a slug, keep going. I personally like to meditate and put my mind and thoughts on positive feelings and bringing to me everything I need. Flow love and abundance and it will come back to you. But a negative outlook despite your sorrows and barriers will do nothing to help you other than attract more negative. Keep it positive. See the bright side of life. Seize the opportunities and generally just keep that chin up.

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