Monday, September 30, 2013

More Social Media Advice

I always make these mental notes about social media to share with you all -- my knowledge-seeking readers. Every so often, I see "social media faux pas" and think I should comment here vs. start a flame war. Actually, flame wars are something that I'm also going to provide some advice on, too. So, here we go your sage wisdom from the "so-called" sage (some days maybe LOL). (PS, my favorite social media is Facebook.)

Aforementioned flame wars have no place on your business or professional page. I avoid political discussions or debates for that very reason. Nothing sets the stage better for a flame war than a political debate with some "sort'a friend" you barely know. Now the exception here is, of course, if you have a politically motivated topic, product or service. An engaging debate is always welcome to promote your overall message. A "flame war" that often involves a lot of inflammatory discussion, though, should not be welcome. You always want to be intelligent and thoughtful, too, with your answers. However, as noted if you're not a political page then why would you invite flame wars on your page. We could also call these participants "haters," too. Haters never change their opinions. So gasoline on the flame will do nothing but hurt your image, especially if your page is not meant for political discourse.

If you can't say something nice don't say it all, mother says. Mother is right. The main point: watch your image or impression you make on others. If someone says something silly or ridiculous on your page, a simple "delete" works best. You need not engage him or her -- especially not in public. Again, your business or professional page is not meant to invite disparaging or rude discourse. Bottom line, you look bad to your audience and turn off people who might otherwise be interested in working with you.

What the heck is that? I should not look at your profile picture and wonder, "What is that thing?" Not a good sign -- and especially not a good sign when you're trying to attract "friends" or connections. Your profile pictures should effectively communicate. Strange and out-of-place pictures make no sense on your business or professional page. Also, and I've noticed this a lot lately, if you're trying to present a logo or item, put it on the Wall background, but don't put it as your profile picture. I don't know who I am engaged in conversation with. No one wants to have a lively chat with a logo. Using a logo on the background of your Wall is absolutely fine, but whoever's page it represents should use a live human shot for the profile picture.

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