Friday, September 13, 2013

Freaking Friday

"Fuck-Head" aka Bill.
Can't you just see
the "evil" in his
eyes LOL?
Today's usual Friday morning musing has turned into the "OMG! I screwed up my shoulder and neck!" edition LOL. My shoulder hurts like a freaking friday all right! At least I have my sense of humor to fall back on. Oh, and I wanted to post this on Facebook, because I thought it was funny, but thought better of it. You can't use profanity on Facebook, as I've been told. So, here is another amusing comment. My tabby cat, Bill drives me crazy. He meows and sticks his little paws under my office door to be let in. He is a desperate "cat" for sure. Well, anytime I'm in my office or bedroom, he yowls at the door. So, I was talking to my friend and said, "Let fuck-head in." Then I laughed. It made me think of the movie The Jerk when Steve Martin calls the mutt "Shit-Head". "Come on Shit-Head." My cat's nickname is "Fuck-head" LOL. Fuck-head drives me insane. He likes to attack my legs or my feet under the comforter. I think the most commonly used phrase in my house is "No, stop it!" Believe me ole Fuck-head would be sent straight back to the SPCA where I found him if it weren't for my daughter who upon the suggestion of such a banishment cried. Damn! Stuck with the stupid cat. Oh, and this morning a tweaked shoulder!

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