Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scary, Terrifying and Sexy Book Trailer: Vengeance is Now

The latest 3L Publishing title Vengeance is Now came off press, and author Scott D. Roberts worked with his LA contacts to write and produce this book trailer (click here). If you like this amazing trailer, it gives you only a small taste of this well-written book that releases nationally May 1, 2013. Readers of this blog have an opportunity to buy the book before it releases to the general public on Amazon and in bookstores. You can buy your advanced copy at the 3L Publishing website (click here). To find out more about Vengeance is Now, visit the website at www.vengeanceisnow.com. If you buy your copy on the 3L website or Vengeance website, you will receive an author-signed copy. At the rate this book is selling, you will want that author-signed version. If the pre-sales are a pre-cursor for anything, this book is expected to become a best-seller.

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