Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog, Blah, Blah! Oh, and Book Tour Update AND BBQ

OK, that is a funny headline for the blog. I have sworn to blog daily, but I sometimes can't think of a single thing to say so I start writing and see what "blah's" out my fingers. Did I mention I am going to the RT Book Lovers convention on the 30th in Kansas City? Yes, I am going, and this will be my second year in a row. We had a good time in Chicago, but Kansas City is all midwest fun! I'm thinking more about their BBQ than the event LOL. Last time I was in Kansas City, I had the best BBQ EVER. I had this tin of ribs placed in front of me, and I just started eating without much thought ... and another ... and another ... and another! From a slight woman who doesn't eat piles of food this was remarkable. Let me share: it's the "rub"! They don't douse their meat in sauce. They rub it with some incredible blend of spices -- and all I can say is yummy! I will report back.

3L author and one of my closest friends Scott D. Roberts will be promoting Vengeance is Now, and I will be unofficially releasing California Girl Chronicles, book two, Brea's Big Break. We will sell merchandise at the convention by day and eat BBQ by night. I know, I know, it's a tough, tough life. We are embarking on a 10-city book tour that will take us across the U.S. through Nebraska, Wyoming and down to Missouri and then further to New Orleans with our final destination New York City. I heart New York. Then again, who doesn't?

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