Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Want to Be ...

I want to be who I am now
Not who I was yesterday
Now who I am tomorrow
I just want to be

In the swirl and pull
In the mass and whine
In the imperfection of the truth
In the end of the moon

I want to be who I am now
I want to find freedom
I want to be accepted
I want love

When I look to the river
When I step inside
I want to release the tension
And then just lay back

I want to be
I want to let go
I want to rest
I want to let current take hold

I have no answers
I have no ideas
I don't even have a suggestion
I just want my mind to be blank

I only want to flow
I only want to go along
I want to finally close my eyes
I want the current to pull

~ Michelle Gamble

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