Friday, June 20, 2014

True Blood -- The Final Seasons Begins ...

Welcome back my campy True Blood characters as June 22nd marks the beginning of the end of this truly unique vampire show that even from a non-vampire lover such as I managed to be absorbed  season after season. I have read that the sexy Viking vamp Eric Northman as played by the red-hot Alexander Skarsgard (my future daughter-in-law and I had quite a conversation about sexy men, and we had a mutual meeting of the minds that Skarsgard AKA Skarscandy wins! Well, she did have an admiration for Tatum Channing, which I can feel her on). I did ask Kirk for a hall pass should I run into Skarsgard and his eyes narrowed and he scoffed, "No! You're too pretty! He would probably go for it." LMAO ... maybe ... ;).

Last season sadly went down the tubes as creator and executive producer (and master storyteller) Alan Ball stepped down and his directing team and head writers stepped up. The story line took on this discriminatory hate theme that ended with our favorite vamps locked away in a concentration camp setting where they were dehumanized. Not that it couldn't have worked, but well ... it just didn't work. It got tedious and boring.

Now with a fresh opportunity to wrap up what has been a great show, I am hoping to see something interesting and emotionally resonate return. With the original strong characters and love triangles up until Season Four things were going swimmingly or "blood thirstily." We were all rooting for Sookie and Eric's great hookup, and we were yelling at our TVs when she broke it off. We were loving/hating Bill and the whole Marnie thing did get a little ridiculous, but it kept us glued.

As we begin the final season, they have made it look like Eric went up in flames (not so, according to the rumor mill), and the rest of the Bontemps was about to be invaded by infected zombie-vamps. This year's theme seems to be pointed toward a Katrina-like government abandonment of the resident's life-or-death attacks and disillusionment of the characters left to be drained and/or turned to weird strains of vampire. I am not entirely sure I like this storyline either, but it's the final season. I will wrap up my True Blood love affair by saying a proper goodbye. Anything more than that ... well, we'll see.

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