Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Did you know you have a personal brand? It is funny but even you as an individual are in a way a brand. What do you project about yourself? Personal image is a part of a personal brand. If you're in business you do have to consider your self-image as a part of your personal brand, and what you project to the world. Your personal brand can affect who hires you. Your personal brand can affect whether or not you receive that promotion at work. Are you now wondering, "What is my personal brand?"

A personal brand extends beyond self-image, but self-image is a part of your brand whether you realize you had a brand or not. Most people don't think of these things in business terms. Beyond what you project to others is any personal communication you put in the public arena that defines you both professionally and even personally. Personal brand identity starts with what people associate with your name and what you do. Everything about you out on the Internet is defining that brand as I write this down. Did you realize that whatever has been written about you in the public space is affecting your personal brand. Do you even know what is written or said about you? Most business people don't even consider what is said about them as individuals as influencing their personal brands, but it does. When people go to work with you what is often the first thing they do? They put your name in a search engine to find out more.

Are you controlling your personal brand? If you just read the above information and it's triggered the thought that you never realized you had a personal brand at all and yet you do then chances are you are not controlling your personal brand.

These days social media is possibly playing the biggest role in defining your personal brand much more than you realized. Employers now look at prospective candidates personal brands via social media. Again, did you think about your social media usage from this prospective? Everything you now put out in the public arena can be scrutinized and influence your self-image. I have now opened a discussion for people to consider. If you are not carefully considering everything you post on social media as impacting your professional image, it's time to do so. You want to be aware of how what you do impacts your self-image and what you project to the world. What do you want people to perceive about you vs. what you do without thoughts and then find out afterwards what people think either negative or positive.

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