Monday, June 30, 2014

True Blood Final Season, Episode 2: Lost and Found

All right I'm going to protest because frankly this episode's opening of Jason and Eric hooking up (sorry for spoiler) was just plain ole gratuitous! It was the chance to get hunk no. #1 and hunk no. #2 naked, and it offered no other value to the story line. Why (and maybe they will explain later) they had the vamp sex connection with a vampire in which if my memory serves me at all they never exchanged V ... no clue and really turned off. I don't mind sex in context. I do MIND when it's just a sex scene to serve nothing apparent.

That said, the teacher (again sorry for spoiler) literally disintegrating between Arlene's thighs was almost too priceless and a great campy scene a la classic True Blood. Shall we take that as one massive and bloody menstrual cycle (wink from the writers maybe)?

And did Eric have the disease or not? I was a little confused but I think he did ... which for the final season explains where Eric is headed or not headed; but I would still like to know how he survived the fiery final close of last season. I assume maybe next show. The Adaline/Jessica connection pretty boring, and the Alice concentration-camp-like slaughter made no sense. If they were trying to find the victims, why go back to the originating town? It was definitely a stretch, and unless I missed something ... nonsensical. My other complaint was the insipid reading of the equally pedantic and trite diary in which Sookie recalled her first meeting with Bill ... pahleeze! Are we trying to be Twilight? Ugh!

Claps do go to pulling back to Tara's mom's addiction problem and the V. A great, more grounded storyline that worked and pulled from the history of the show. Another clap for this great line out of Arlene's mouth, “I did not survive four husbands, including a psycho murderer and the loss of my beloved Terry, to die in the basement of a vampire bar!” Well said!

In a quick glance at the other critics, I guess my views are shared. It's too bad Alan Ball went on to other shows before wrapping this one up. I will tell you true: the final episode of Six Feet Under was the all-time great and thematic end of a show I've ever seen: we got to see ALL the cast members die much like every episode showed a death at the opener. Alan Ball rocks! But True Blood isn't the same without him at the helm.

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