Monday, June 23, 2014

True Blood Final Season

True Blood -- Season 7
Episode 1: Vulture

I was hugely disappointed last season with the show's declining writing after creator Alan Ball changed directions and left the series in the hands of the other directors and writers. As this season opened I was also a little apprehensive with the prospects of the "zombie-vamp" mutation story. But as the show began with an explosive slaughter of humans, and the fates of some show favorites like Arlene and Holly on the line, I was quickly absorbed into it.

I liked the way they got back to basics with Sookie being able to read the entire "accusing" citizens' minds as they blamed the "vampire whore" for inviting this havoc upon them. The show had deviated so far off her fairy powers in connection to citizens in recent years it lost a little of its humanity. The intensity of the opening scene though immediately invited you in for an absorbing episode where we find Andy and Vampire Bill on the hunt to find Arlene and Holly; Jason confronting his vampire lover about withholding sex that culminates in what we call in our house a "vampire porn" scene; and Pam playing a game of Russian Roulette with another vampire who challenges her will and belief in the divine. Not sure I welcomed another question of is she or isn't she dead with Tara (and we didn't see her actually die) -- that seemed repetitious. We are now left to wonder what is Eric up to? And given that all gossip suggests Alexander Skarsgard didn't leave the canvas, I'll bet he's up to something interesting. We're also generally aware (by re-watching the scene) that Tara isn't dead but probably taken.

Since I use this blog to discuss storytelling, I'll give the story's pace a nice, even clip. The storyline is focused a lot on redemption (not surprising since we're in the final season), and some interesting developments in progress. I am now hopeful Season 7 will make up for the lukewarm season 5 and 6.

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