Thursday, June 19, 2014

Follow Your Gut in Life and Business

I have always been one to follow my instincts -- your gut tells the truth even when your mind resists. Gut-reactions are the ones that speak the initial truth. It is only our minds that cloud the issue and drum up questions or my all-time favorite, "Why?" A client of mine was talking to me about the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and he said its theory is that we size up stuff pretty much in a "blink" of the eye. I agree. Our senses tell us everything we need to know quickly. It is only our minds that interfere in the obvious. Some people might even say it's psychic, and I'm willing to go along with that assessment too -- part gut, part observation, part psychic.

You have two self-empowerment tools you probably didn't realize were at your disposal: your gut and your ability to trust your gut. Problem is (as this applies to women especially with men who are "players" or don't have pure intentions) many people will have that gut-reaction and think, "Hmm ... something here doesn't 'feel' right" and rather than following their guts their minds will begin to  rationalize and justify with "but" and "no, how can that be?" Women in particular who are looking for a relationship may even see the first signs of "there is something wrong here" and then proceed to follow with their desires,  hopes and dreams rather than see the truth -- there is actually something wrong.

If more of us followed our guts we would have a lot less trauma, drama and stress to deal with. We would learn not to question our inner-knowledge. We would trust ourselves. We would not necessarily just believe everything we're told without doing an inner self-check: is this true? Is this right? Does this 'feel' right? When someone tells me, "It didn't feel right" or "I thought something was 'off' -- don't ignore those impressions or feelings. Those instincts are almost always right-on. I can't tell you how many times I didn't follow my gut and was only proved right. I have been misled and lied to so many times, and I'm now having to learn  to heed my own wisdom:

If it doesn't feel right ... if it's too good to be true ... it's not right ... it's not true. 

Don't just take everything at face value. Don't just dismiss those feelings. Heed them. And this applies in business, life and romance without fail. 

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