Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I find hard not to do

I can't think of anything meaningful to share this morning, so I'll just amuse and entertain you.

Here is a list of things I find hard not to do...

Touch my face: are you smiling. You know they say to avoid spreading germs try not to touch your face. Don't rub your eyes if you're on an airplane (for example) to avoid spreading germs. Of course, the minute I think, "Don't touch it," I just can't seem to stop myself. I feel an itch. Oh, it's my nose. My eye is bothering me ... and on and on it goes.

Avoid being the first to text my man. I said in the last blog not to be the chaser. Sometimes though the urge to hit the text first just can't be quelled. I am pretty good, though. I would say out of seven days, I usually score about five out of seven ... well maybe more like four out of seven ... no, five ... LOL. Depends on the week. Girls keep him on his toes. Make and try not to break the first-text rule. Remember what I said, "Guys like to chase." And it's a simple, but great little rule to follow. Now this doesn't preclude emergencies and necessities so don't be neurotic about it either ... see four (I mean five) out of seven ;).

Touch when I'm told not to touch. I am a super affectionate person. I am a big-time toucher, too. Well, some people don't like PDA. My man doesn't like it. He lets me, but he is uncomfortable with it. So, I really try to keep the touching on the down low. But the minute I'm told not to touch so much, well .... remember the list's name: things I find hard not to do.

Correct other people's grammar. Oh, I'm giving you a pre-emptive strike. I am an editor by trade. I sometimes can't help it. When people misuse the English language ... argh! I do everything humanly possible not to turn into their 8th-grade grammar teacher. My ex-husband was the biggest offender. Sometimes it got to me so much I just couldn't stop myself. My poor ex-boyfriend misused irregardless and your vs. you're like he ate lunch. I do have to say I won that battle when toward the end of our relationship he stopped doing it. We're still friends so I'm sure I can keep him in-check.

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