Monday, January 13, 2014

Sometimes You Just got to Take the Risk!

When I was younger I wanted security and family. I wanted a good, steady career path. I wanted to find a slow, gradual ascent toward my dreams. Then I hit pesky mid-life. I achieved many, many goals. Yet I found I had many more things to accomplish. In my professional life, I realized I wasn't enjoying the career I wanted. In my personal life, my relationship was lopsided and unsatisfying. Mid-life became not a crisis but a time to make some scary, but important decisions. Was I going to look back at my life with regret? Who wants to regret anything? And why not live the fullest possible life?

I never considered myself a risk-taker, but in reflecting on the last several years I realized I am definitely a risk-taker. I started my own company on a shoestring budget, and I have succeeded and stayed in business even during this protracted Great Recession. I also met the man of my dreams. Instead of staying in the status quo and accepting my lopsided and unsatisfying marriage, I decided that I wanted the big one -- true love. The road toward true love was paved with major obstacles and barriers. As I moved past these barriers, it soon began to clear a path. That journey is still unfolding; but each day passes and brings me closer to the realization of being with my heart's desire.

Is it worth the risks? Some days I think, "I'm tired. I want to go back to corporate. I'm scared. I don't want to get my heart potentially broken."Yet other days I wake up and I think, "Wow! I live life my way. I am in love with this extraordinary man who moves me. How lucky am I?"

If I had stayed with the status quo I would get to say, "Wow!" I would continue to have my status quo days. A few good days sprinkled in with a lot of ho-hum, "Is this all there is?" It is a beautiful thing to get to say, "Wow!" Let me say to those of you who stare out windows and look at the leap vs. make the leap, it's not as scary as you think. If you believe in something. If you're passionate about it. If you want it with all your great, big, beautiful being, don't be afraid to take the risk. Risk can give you an amazing billion-dollar payoff. Status quo promise only one thing -- more of the same status quo. If you're satisfied with the status quo, that's okay too. But if you're not -- go for it.

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