Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Comments on Social Media "Social" Scene

I am continually amused and entertained by the social media "social" contingent out there trolling for booty. I am constantly messaged and asked out. But here is what I find the most a. aggravating or b. weird.

Relationship status or invisible relationship status has a lot of meaning. First, relationship status is often hidden for reasons others may not understand (e.g., privacy and identity theft). In my case the fact that relationship status is missing is because (and get this one), I'm involved in a "private" relationship. I don't have it publicly showing for reasons that are private to that relationship. Not everyone wants to broadcast their personal lives. I don't feel it's necessary to post anything about it. Even when I was married I didn't feel the need to post anything about it. I am on social media primarily to market my business. If you're out "looking for Mrs. or Mr. Goodbar" why don't you pay attention to that person's wall posts. He or she will likely reveal a lot. It's quite evident from my Wall that it's mostly business. The main problem is that most social flirts aren't really paying attention. Hey! She's pretty. And I know I've said this hundreds of times: you're so beautiful or pretty are not good conversation starters.

Crickets for a reason. I have men constantly message me to hit on me. They either don't send anything more than the stupendous: you're so pretty, which what do you want me to say? Or they presume I'm okay to start messaging back and forth with strangers. Do you have any idea how many messages I get PER DAY from errant social flirts. I'll be blunt here. I don't have the time or inclination to start small talk with complete strangers. So complaints that all you hear are "crickets" from me, what do you expect? You want to actively participate on my Wall, please go ahead. You want to chat idly via messaging, forget about it. I'm a business woman. I'm working. And speaking of working ... it's 1:30 p.m. on a Wednesday ... what did you think I was doing? Just saying ... got to work.

Online social media etiquette. I really think there should be some social Miss Manners type tutorial for Facebook. Someone needs to espouse the proper social media etiquette. You know someone who attacks me for how I respond to comments on my own wall should really re-think it. I had a guy who complained I didn't hit "like" on comments about my profile picture as if I was somehow unappreciative of the compliments. I just laughed about that one. But the very idea that this guy used my Wall to complain and whine was just ridiculous. I'm telling you, social media etiquette anyone?

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