Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power of Trusting the Process

Have you ever thought about trust? Not just trust in another person, but also trust in yourself. Trusting that a situation will work out the way it is supposed to work. Do you realize that is about releasing the concept of "control" and realizing you are powerless over anything or anyone other than yourself. Trust means going with your gut and knowing that your gut (AKA your heart) will serve you. Your heart/gut has the answers and the "knowingness," and you have to let go and know it will be all right.

I am clairvoyant and spiritual. So I have an even larger idea of what my life could look like -- it's one of my gifts. I have a relationship in my life in which I foresaw the future -- and at the time I didn't understand a few things about that vision. I didn't understand how it could be possible. Throughout that journey it continued to seem utterly impossible, too. And then there was an unexpected shift. And the impossible became quite possible, indeed. Throughout that journey my lesson (and it resounds like bells in my ears) is to learn to trust the process. Trust that this trail will unfold at its proper time right in front of me ... effortlessly. Our perception that things have to be difficult is nothing more than a mindset. Realize and trust that your life doesn't have to be difficult. Things don't have to be hard. Open your heart to your inner truths. Trust the process.

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