Friday, January 24, 2014

Be the Goddess

I don't mind sharing personal experience as long as I think it will help someone else. Gratuitous sharing though isn't on my agenda. If you're going to get personal, a point to it makes it valuable. I have recently realized that I don't have very good self-esteem. I don't hold up very high standards of how I expect to be treated. Time and time again I have found myself in situations where I'm either being taken advantage of because of my generous, good nature or just completely overlooked. We teach other people how to treat us. I never learned to set limits (and I won't get into the reasons why). I have reflected on a few key things in my life, and I'm here to share that anyone (including an accomplished person who has much to feel proud about) can fall into the pit of feeling unworthy. When you fall into that trap you begin to accept the unacceptable. You begin to think, this is all "I" get and all I deserve.

Well, I have been slowly making some changes. I realized it's time to be the Goddess that I am. I need to hold space of pride, worth, value and expectations. Yes, expectations! I used to erroneously believe this negative thought, "Expect nothing and be happy with what you get when you get it." Time to turn that one around. Now my new thought is, "I expect to be treated like the Goddess I am, and in turn, I will treat others with the same respect." My bold message not just to you my readers, but to the world at large: I am a worthy, beautiful, smart and amazing woman. Not ifs, ands or I'm not worth it! And P.S., you're worth it, too.

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