Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working at Home

My friend and I discuss our mutually earned lifestyle that involves a simple commute to the home office. We both love the freedom. Not everyone can work from home and be successful. I thought I would compile a list of reasons why you are or are not a candidate to work at home where too many freedoms can be too luring for some.

#1 -- The TV stays off ... or don't try this at home. The TV is an unfortunate lure for those who are not disciplined to keep their fingers off the remote power button. You cannot work from your home office if you can't keep the TV off. Now those of you muttering, "But I can work and watch TV ..." I am here to whack you on the head. No, George you can't. The very distraction of the TV will make you lose productivity. Have you ever tried NOT to stare at a TV in the room. The very movement on screen catches your eye, and pretty soon you're what? Watching it! So, no TV!

#2 -- No, it's not laundry time! Not to suggest that I've never stuffed a load or two into the washer, but generally speaking it's good to keep your domestic goddess or god in check. Work time is work time not Laundry Mat time. It's one thing to stuff a single load, but it's quite another to starting folding away. Household chores should be separated from work time. Hire a housekeeper. What is your time worth anyway? If you're spending more time at the sink doing dishes than at the computer, you're losing money.

#3 -- Flexibility rules. You should leverage the flexibility and freedom to work when you want to work. But your overall goal should be to get the work done before you start doing other tasks. I recommend you set daily goals. When you accomplish those goals then end the day or do what you need to do. At the same time, flexibility doesn't mean working around the clock without stop time. It is very easy (if you're dedicated and disciplined) to work endless hours. You should set those daily goals and just stop. If you end sooner, enjoy. If you end later put a cap on it and be real. If a daily goal is just taking too long and your dinner is getting cold, it's time to stop. It can't wait.

Quick tips to keep clients happy. I thought I would also share some quick tips to keep clients super happy.

  1. Communication -- always keep clients in the loop. Even if you're running behind schedule simple communication will keep clients happy. 
  2. Consistent updates -- the same as communication. Keep a good, open communication line and keep clients updated on a consistent daily or weekly basis.
  3. Consistent daily or weekly progress -- show the work don't tell them about the work. Clients that can clearly see progress being made will not feel shuffled aside or forgotten. Clients need to feel important. They are paying good money. So make them feel their monetary contribution to your business matters, whether it's large or small amounts. Money means something and it's an exchange of service. So be respectful and show the client your work.
I apply all of these rules to 3L Publishing. Looking for a marketing or public relations firm or publisher? Our team of first-rate talent will take good care of you. We dedicate ourselves to superior customer service and care. For more information, contact 916-300-8012 or send an email to info@3LPublishing.com.

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