Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Things Spell Disaster ... Like No Cream for Your Coffee or a Misspelled Word!

I am chuckling over my headline. I was relieved when I had one splash of cream left in the half-in-half for my coffee this morning. Because "gawd" what would I do without cream in my coffee? I might have to run yelling and screaming in the streets. "Get me some crrreeeaaammmm!"

All right enough of the nutty talk for the morning. Would you like to hear the most common spelling mistakes perpetrated by even the most seasoned writers? We'll call them spelling bloopers, how's that? Here we go:

Altogether or all together -- if it's completely, totally, it's altogether. Problem is some writers just completely, totally get it wrong and spell it all together. Well that is altogether wrong.

Every day or everyday -- if it's happening every day it's everyday (adjective). I go to the movies every day (two words). I am an everyday person (adjective).

Comprise or compose -- as a verb we write or create or we compose. As a verb the work is comprised of many parts. The work is never composed of many parts.

All right or alright -- alright means without a doubt, and it's never all right to spell it alright when it's not all right LOL. Really my friends I suggest you stick to all right when it's in question, because 9 times out of 10 times it's spelled all right NOT alright, which I have seen misused so often it's funny.

Its or It's -- this one is SO easy. It's is ALWAYS IT IS, period. When in doubt spell it out ... insert it is and does the sentence work? If it doesn't then its works just fine.

Do you feel informed now? Want to hire a topnotch editor to spruce up your paper or manuscript? Guess what? We have professional editors on our team who do know the difference between a verb and a noun. I promise, we do. If you would like to hire us to clean up your writing (or "scrub it" as I like to say), send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

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