Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Morning Inspiration

"Sometimes you have to walk into the unknown to find out the known. Risk is scary and frightening, but to settle for something "OK" in lieu of something really, really special but also scary is to live life with limitations and never fully spread your wings! I like the idea, 'A moment of something really special is way better than a lifetime of nothing remarkable.'"

I posted that on Facebook yesterday. I want to say something about risk (in this case personal risk). Most people avoid change and risk. I wrote my first book Second Bloom on personal reinvention. Risk is indeed scary. You don't know the outcome. You don't know if you're going to get hurt. Pain sucks! I think we can all agree on that fact. I got asked once, "Why do you run from the pain; what are you afraid of?" My response, "I won't be able to function if I felt it." And yet despite some real hardship here I am functioning -- more than functioning ... succeeding. 

I recently found myself in a situation that appeared hopeless to me. I had been wishing, hoping and dreaming that this situation would turn out in my favor. Finally, I just put it on the line after a life-changing event coalesced everything into one simple phrase: life is too short. I suddenly didn't care about the risk anymore or the fear for that matter. I believe in living life to the fullest. I've settled and made due way too many times. I'm at a point where I truly believe that a life not fully lived is a let-down. I don't want to regret anything. I didn't even try. So, I decided one last time to try my best to break through. Part of my putting it on the line required me to go with my gut. I had to follow my instincts of what I felt was true in my heart. 

Well, I took the leap of faith. Turns out my gut was right. I made the right decision to jump into the deep end of the pool and float. I am embarking on a new personal journey, and I am thrilled, excited but most importantly I am trusting to my feelings now. I'm going with it. I'm in the flow. And I feel happier than I've felt in such a long time. I can let go, trust, and move forward. All I want now in to stay in each moment, enjoy it, revel it, and let life take me on what I know will be the greatest ride of my life. 

I hope what I am sharing (even though it's not detailed) will help and inspire the rest of you. If you don't take the risk you can earn the big reward

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