Friday, June 14, 2013

Midwest Book Review of Vengeance is Now

It's freaky Friday or maybe "freakin'" Friday. I was awakened to two different things -- one positive, one negative. The negative, my kitten I have renamed "Evil" who yowled so loud you would think he was about to die. The positive: 

Midwest Book Review of 3L book Vengeance is Now: People find their ways to live life all along the way. "Vengeance is Now" is a novel from Scott D. Roberts as he tells the story of Tate Halloway, a man with a crumbling life and finds himself accused of many a life along the way. With dark humor, a vague sexiness, and plenty of thrills to keep readers glued to the page, "Vengeance is Now" is a choice addition to contemporary thriller collections. 

Buy your copy on Amazon in print or Kindle or go to the 3L Publishing website and buy the printed version today:

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