Thursday, June 20, 2013

More PR and Marketing Tips for Book Promotion

My recent post on book promotion is one of the highest read posts on this blog right now. I figured readers must be hungry for that information. The great benefit of promoting all of our books is the side-bonus of promoting my company 3L Publishing as a "via". So, I thought I would share what's required in your author toolkit to market and promote to your target audience. Authors are required to build what is called a "platform" (a place and methodology to spread their messages). A platform enables authors to spread the word about their books, viewpoint and message, and more importantly create the critical following. A following is gold in this industry. It means multiple book sales not just of one book, but other books, too.

The following addresses what should be used to build a platform.

Media Kit -- industry standard media kits are required not only for the media, but also for the book sellers and associations where the author might speak. The industry expects to see certain items in your media kit. We know what those items are and create media kits for authors. In fact, our media kits have received high praise as some of the best in the industry.

Author Website -- a website is just a must in the digital era. But you want a dynamic website that can be easily updated with book reviews and media mentions. You also want a News section that contains (what else) your media kit and any other downloadable materials.

Blog -- a blog is a part of the author "platform." Do you know what is your platform? Your website and media kit and blog (your voice and viewpoint) comprise your platform (and any other channels you use to reach your audience with your message(s).

Social Media -- (Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In) provides another outreach mechanism to your target audience. Your social media network enables you to directly communicate with your audience and build a rapport. Social media should also connect to all of your other tools (e.g., blog).

Book Trailer -- a video trailer of your books now promotes the book to the modern audience used to visual messages. We are the TV and video generation so it makes sense to promote your book with a book trailer. Plus, it's fun to make a mini-movie of your book. The trailer can be placed on You Tube, your website/blog, and Amazon accepts some trailers. You can also promote it heavily through social media.

3L Publishing builds author platforms. Need these tools for your arsenal? Contact us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to For more information, visit

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