Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Daily Blog

It's a la, la, la day and I have to blog ... well, I try to blog daily. Why do I blog daily? I'll tell you ...

No. #1 -- Daily = Attraction from those Web crawlers. The web crawlers for the search engines are out on a daily basis, searching for new keywords to lure the little spiders to your page. This act attracts more readers.

No. #2 -- Daily = building an audience. People who read the blog on a daily basis want to keep reading and no new material deters repeat business. Readership goes down if you don't keep them coming back for more.

No. #3 -- Daily = interested readers = prospective business. Steady readers may some day convert to customers.  Customers/clients pay the bills. Simple. Necessary.

No. #4 -- Daily = interested readers = prospective business = virtual relationship building. Steady, interested readers who convert to prospective business become clients. You have to build a "relationship," which is done through the constant flow of information. Relationships eventually translate to referrals or business. Either ways it's a win-win.

No. #5 -- If you blog you can't stop blogging or you give the appearance you went out of business. Basic, old information that remains stagnant is like hanging a shingle, letting the dust gather and fog the windows, and the shingle rot. You look dead in the water. So make sure you keep your blog updated daily or don't do it all.

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