Sunday, March 13, 2011

What are Great Results for Public Relations?

Public relations -- often referred to as the "airy-fairy" stuff can be hard to measure results, which is why concrete pick up with the media is the only clear outcome that seems meaningful to most people. What we've tried to do at 3L Publishing with our public relations programs is create complete transparency so the client knows exactly how much work truly goes into moving their campaigns forward. Without complete transparency, the client only sees that maybe they got one request for a book review. Our methods keep our clients involved and aware of our process so that there is no question of the time and resources invested in moving their projects forward with the media. Our key campaigns under way right now are showing those results. Each week on each project, we pitch and receive requests to review the books pitched. So for example, this week the book Daughter of the Caribbean received three requests to see the book, and two requests to discuss an interview with the author for respectively a radio show and magazine article. The book Beyond the Iron received four requests from media and coaches to review the book. These requests are a direct result of doing what I call "pounding the press." We consistently and redundantly send out pitches every week. By consistently pitching and breaking up our program hours to allow that consistency, we receive consistent requests. The clients are happy. They see what is going on with their books as far as the pitching goes, and they see the direct results of that technique. We have an excellent track record on the accounts we run, because of this methodology. As you can see, there is nothing "airy-fairy" in this approach. Sign up for your campaign by sending an email to

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