Thursday, March 10, 2011

No! You Can't Have My Homework

This statement came from my operations manager -- and I was so tickled by it, I thought I would blog about it. Cheating on your homework or asking your buddy if you can use her homework to copy is the same as asking an associate for her contract, forms and spreadsheets for your business. The answer should always be, "No, you can't have my homework," and that answer also applies to school-yard politics too. Friends should not allow friends to cheat. Business associates should not allow business associates to cheat either. It's also called taking advantage of someone -- and that's not nice either. You should never be disrespectful to another person's hard word and ask to "borrow" their "stuff" -- and you should most assuredly not be asking to take their stuff without paying them either -- that's called slavery. And in case you had not heard, that was abolished in 1865. So for the record if you're asking to use/borrow or steal (that if you do it on the sly and think no one is looking) your associates and/or friend's business administrative paperwork, contracts, files or forms, the answer is, "No, do your own homework." And that my Friend-Os is called having integrity! I'm just sayin'.

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