Thursday, March 3, 2011

Passion and Purpose

Where's your passion? What motivates you? Answers to these questions applied to your business are not all sappy and sweet -- the answers are meaningful to your success. When we do things motivated by either greed or a shallow need for attention, our success doesn't always follow. I'm not saying that greedy people don't get what they're seeking. Just look at the crash of Wall Street and those greedy souls. They got what they sought all right. I am saying that when we run our business without heart, it may not go as well as expected. In my business in particular, it can be a lot of flash in the pan. You can get a lot of attention as a publisher. You get to attend parties. You can a lot of media attention. You get to meet famous people. While that all sounds interesting and good to stroke someone's ego, it's not the reason we're in business. But for those who are attracted to this business with a desire to stroke their egos, it's always going to fly in the face of success. At 3L, we're in this business quite simply because we love books. We love publishing. We care about our authors. We are eager to see everyone succeed. We feel passionate about it. Our clients can sense it too. And many clients sign on with us, because they like what they see and observe.

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