Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Power of Persistence in Publishing

A good friend of mine dove into the screenwriting field with complete commitment to become a screenwriter. He put it well when he said, "What else can I do?" These words are the comments of a true writer. When writing is your art and represents your passion -- and you commit to your art and passion with 150 percent of your soul, it will work out. I wanted to become a writer when I was 10 years old. Some people marvel that a 10-year-old knew what she wanted, but it's true. I've committed my life to my craft. I've never wavered from the complete desire to go forward. And with that absolute commitment, I've always succeeded and became professionally published at age 22, and the journey doesn't end. Like my friend, "What else can I do?" And with that commitment comes the persistence to go forward. You cannot allow roadblocks, naysayers, critics or anyone else to put barriers in your way. You go forward and you keep going forward. You knock on doors -- and you persist until you've succeeded, but even then the journey is not over. You keep writing. You keep persisting. You keep going. Because ... what else can you do?

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