Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Entitlement, Part 100

Week after week, I am awed by some people's sense of entitlement. Just when I think it couldn't get anymore ridiculous it just goes to the next level. In fact, some people feel so entitled, I almost feel like I should just get it over with and hand over my ATM card with my PIN. When did this happen to our society? Or has it always been that way and I was just happily going along with my head shoved in the sand. I recently encountered a situation where even though we had already spent thousands of out-of-pocket dollars, the associate continued to press for more. Even when it was put in writing and demonstrated how much money had been poured into the project, it didn't seem to make any difference. The associate was still committed to the idea they we somehow owed her more. Here is the truth. "Give an inch take a mile" was made up because the person quoted experienced what I just described. You are not entitled to anything. Even those most privileged people are not entitled to anything. And I can assure you, my PIN isn't going to be given out to you because you've learned how to scream louder than me. I mean, really? Really Bob! Really?

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