Monday, March 28, 2011

Building Positive Morale in Employees

I hope that my staff agrees with this -- and I suspect they do; but 3L Publishing is an awesome organization to work for and to work with. What is my assumption based on? "Do you have empirical evidence?" you ask. Well, a few fun facts to help persuade you on my premise. We don't have a brick-and-mortar building. We will probably never have a building. Why? Modern business doesn't need these kind of physical establishments to be successful. When I started my company in 2006, it was to escape the constraints of corporate boundaries -- desks in offices in buildings. It was to create a way for me to lose the commute and the time wasted in the commute. My independence enabled me to spend more time with my family; be home when my kids got out of school; and to keep overhead costs down in fuel costs. As a result, I translated the needs to my team. As we've begun to grow, I don't put restraints on how people spend their time or where they spend their time working. I only ask for results. As long as the results are there, I pay no attention to how they got there. I also pay my team what they're worth. I don't put a premium on profits over people. I reward my team for a job well-done not just through monetary gain, but also through fun team-building excursions and retreats. Ours is a company built on the idea that your family's needs come first and you work your job around your family's needs. And because I am concerned with the quality of my team's lives, it engenders loyalty. My team will on their own initiative take care of the company. They feel married to it. They care about it. They treat it as it's their own company. And these things are priceless. And the results -- high-quality products. You can't beat that.

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