Monday, November 17, 2014

Painting and Miami Book Fair

So my building is being painted. I woke up to a conversation that sounded like it was right outside of my window. I thought, "It sounds like the painters are in my house ..." I got up to get coffee, and you know what? They were right on my balcony, and I have to be honest it was disconcerting. They were jabbering away right on my premises and I was sleeping in the other room. Hmmm...

Onto other topics du jour: this week is Miami time. We're off to the International Miami Book Fair (where else) in Miami, Florida. The logistical requirements to ship 400 3L Publishing books across the United State was something. I also had to think through every element of my marketing materials and how make it lightweight and fit in a suitcase.

For authors or those who sell products, here are my tips:
  • Suitcase-sized signage -- this will rest protected between my clothes
  • Folding book holders -- these fold up into a slim fit to reduce bulk
  • Cloth banner and drop cloth -- folded and neatly put in the suitcase
  • Slim-sized plastic container -- this holds and protects 300 flyers, bookmarks, business cards, and misc. items, and it fits right into a larger suitcase
Paring down a display to simple signage and supplies is best when transporting across country. You want to be assured it all arrives in the right place. You don't want to pay expensive shipping fees, especially when you're merchandise are on average $15 each and the sale of the items can be no more than a certain number. The idea is to make money not lose money. Expensive shipping costs can eat right into your profit margins.

Now let's hope tomorrow morning I don't wake up the painter drinking coffee in my living room. Miami here we come! 

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