Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Morning Musings: Ode to Cole

My son Cole has become a First Word fan. He reads my blog during his "boring" classes. He loves my "musings" so I thought today would be "Ode to Cole". First, you have to appreciate that Cole, 16, is about 6'5". What you have to know about tall people is that TALL doesn't spring over night through some adolescent growth spurt. It is obvious someone is going to be super tall early on. Cole when he was age 2 looked age 5, which was difficult for a nonverbal two-year-old who got judged by Kindergarten standards. "What? Is he 'special'?" "Um no! He's two!" I am not nearly as tall as my son, but I was always the tallest in the class or at various times, close to the tallest.

I'm 5'9" but I'm a girl so that's pretty tall for a woman. The only downside is I was often taller than some of the guys, too. Being tall has its perks. You can see (generally) over people's heads. They almost always put you in the back of the photo or they make you sit down (sitting rocks when it takes a long time). If I put on high heels, it's way more fun. I can totally survey the room.

But back to the guy thing. Nothing is less fun than towering over your man. Yes, ladies no one wants that "Amazon" feeling when with the opposite sex. Once though I had on high-heeled boots and I met a friend of mine who is 6'1" and dang if I didn't get the wrong impression that he is short. He's not (obviously) short. Once he had come in a room ahead of me. The host said, "Oh, yes that tall fellow who went upstairs." I had a chuckle. I always wore heels around him, and I had to finally acknowledge, "Oh yeah that 'TALL' fellow."

Back to my son, who if I put the right headline on this blog will be sucked into the "tall" discussion. His height has become so notable that it's the first thing everyone sees. Not only is he tall, but he's just BIG. Place his hand against mine, and the word "small" finally applies. I have very long and slender everything (legs, arms, feet, hands). Compared to Cole I am downright petite. If you ever happen to see pictures of the two of us you will mistakenly get the impression, I am his short mother. Well, sitting or standing by my "sweetheart of a giant's size" I do indeed look small. And that my friends is my "Ode to Cole".

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