Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Morning Musings: Funny One-Liners in Publishing

As a traveling publisher, I meet all kinds of readers and people in general. So for your entertainment, we're going to use our Friday Morning Musing to quote the funniest things or comments I hear from readers.

"I don't like books." -- book festival patron(s)
"Do you read a lot?" -- someone wondering about my love of reading (I'm a publisher and editor)
"Is this a real publishing company?" -- I am inevitably asked this in my booth space with about 50 books in my display.

Now here are the funniest things authors say. I want to give you a preemptive strike. If you get the actual publisher on the phone, don't say any of these things. It will be a huge strike against you, and a publisher's time is precious. It's a deadline-driven business.

"My first chapter sucks."
"I don't know what my book is about."
"I don't think it will sell."
"It's not very good."

I realize you probably thinking I'm kidding... I'm not. Authors have said those words to me -- and on more than one occasion. Happy Friday!

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