Tuesday, November 11, 2014


You can't teach creativity. You can stimulate creativity, but you can't teach it. You can inspire it. Some people are either super creative and some people are super scientific or math oriented. Did you realize though both disciplines can be creative. Thinking out of the box is creative. It's also inspired. What inspires an artist or scientist though is not definable.

How do you inspire? I think inspiration or motivation can come from example. You can be inspired by someone else who leads the way. I find inspiration in other artists' and authors' works. I am fortunate to read other authors' works all day long. But a really great story -- whether a story, movie or narrative -- can be inspirational. Anything that makes you think or question life in general can motivate you to be creative and put the ideas through your own lens.

I always say surround yourself with the very best people. People around you can inspire you on a daily basis. They can influence you. It's why it's so important to surround yourself with like-minded people. What goes up goes down. And the "gravitational" pull of those who go down more than up can also suck you in. So go with the up and not the down. Surround yourself with those who inspire your creativity and greatness. Leave the others to their own downs.

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